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Angelica Saige “The Empress” vs Winter Sky “The Blizzard” – Every year about this time the composition starts to creak of the sexy girls with just one match against an opponent who might be able to overcome. Would not it be a great game! They will learn so much! female submission wrestling Wrestler will not learn to fight if they fight good opponents, have to fight with girls her own experience. The composition has achieved his wish! Do not miss the battle of next week from hell, 24 minutes of pure pure carnage on a biblical scale. Nothing in his short life, prepared for the brutal destruction and annihilation, you see! YOU HAVE BEEN advised in advance!

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Tara Lynn Fox “The Shortstop” vs DragonLily “The Dragon” – The Dragon is back. This highly qualified naked cat Asian hot is ranked 1, and it is the fighter of years to beat. Dragon speed, skill and range of motion is unrivaled. This beast sexy rookies know how to handle, then turn it up a notch to destroy the veterans. The fear of it. Tara Lynn Fox, is one of the sexiest and most beautiful 19yr old we are on the list. She has a great spirit, attitude and a background of sports. Every game this naked cat fights girl gets better and better. Their next game is with another rookie to see how far you’ve come. The Dragon likes to play and play with their opponents. Tara is just a toy for the dragon, and dragon bury fingers in my pussy early and often. Round 4 of the Dragon takes the little 19yr old fucking ass and beautiful and deep.

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Everything is on the line. The winner of this match will live championship match shooting and being broadcast live. The winner of this Real girl fights match will take on undefeated Ninja! The second round of the semi-final match of the line was crazy. Each team has all the labels from there, and the intensity of the action has been reinforced by the audience. Amazing double teams and Hardcore fingering the two points were given the necessary equipment. The girl fights Dragons actually escalated in the second round, picking on the rookie Holly Heart and abusing his cat. The goddesses were in combat, on and off paired classified in the second round. Will they be able to recover to attack others?

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Jesse Cox “The Cheerleader” vs Trina Michaels “Passion” – Michaels Trina is back and lets face it, this big titted, blonde booming is horrible. Her only victory was against the harmony that is the worst of the worst. However, Trina has something on the mat that not many have big tits in full swing! Dude, look at my tits! Jesse is a hot blonde in CA. She did gymnastics and cheerleading in college, and she is still very active. She’s fit, strong and determined to do well in the U.S.. In her first game of it was destroyed by the Dragon. Do you learn enough to be able to defeat one of the worst wrestlers in U.S. history? The composition has been very vocal to see female wrestling video match ups against rookie wrestlers who might be able to overcome. We listened, we delivered! This female wrestling game was the closest thing we’ve shot! You may not get the score was closer then that!

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Ami Emerson, Ariel X, Holly Heart, and Wenona The Goddesses vs The Dragons – Welcome to the encounter between the cat fighting Dragons and goddesses. This is the semifinal match. The final round of the catfighting women battle of the big game begins and the blue team is back. The teams get a couple of big doubles win some points, but Orange is too specialized and powerful. Ami Emerson and Holly’s heart to get kicked in the ass. Fighting a brave battle, but they are dominated! Stay tuned for next week to see the winners and losers of shit holy bejesus.

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Bella Rossi “The Annihilator” vs Rain “Poison” DeGrey – Bella Rossi back in action only game. Their tag team was eliminated from the playoffs by what has moved in the individual competition. This sexy big tits natural women wrestling fighter has many fine movements or remains pending, but has the determination and great tits. This is a troublemaker. Rain is the number quarrelsome DEGREY two, she has an excellent resistance, but no mat experience. He hates losing and will give 100% every second in the table. If you are struggling Rain you will encounter a 24-minute war. Sexy women wrestling Bella and experience the benefits of weight was too much for the novice to more rain to come. After the match Bella takes less rain and the door to the bathroom, where hell and humiliates the loser helpless. Fun times.

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Holly Heart and Ami Emerson The “Goddesses” VS Ariel X, Wenona The “Dragons” – This is matchup between The goddesses and the Dragons. This is the semi final wrestling domination match. The wrestling is over and the Dragons are victorious! To the winners comes the spoils: they get humiliate and brutally fuck and the losers in front of the live hot audience. It wasn’t sufficient to get beaten in front of all those people now the losers get screwed and made to cum. I wonder which female wrestling domination loser gets fucked in the ass..

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