Black Female Wrestling

Jordan Yana “The Wildcat” vs Brown Coffee “The Grinder” – Two new fighters debut this week at Ultimate Surrender. Both beautiful black female, both determined to win and ready to put it on the line. Coffee Brown’s new in the organized struggle. She has amateur black female Wrestling experience and a fighting attitude much. Yana Jordan comes with plenty of combat experience and should move to a higher category.

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Catfight Girls

Mellanie Monroe “The Cowgirl” vs Rain DeGrey “Poison” – This is the first game in mid-year. Ranked 10 vs. Row 11. With three games between them, both get their first test against an opponent ‘like’. Mellanie has two games under his belt, both with great fighters. Did you learn what needed to be competitive? This MILF loves wrestling and is eager to win their first catfight girls game. The rain arrived with only one game in progress, but was raised in a hippie camp and is a little crazy. This girl does not know what it means to leave, she is 100% go. Crazed vs. experience and size. What will win, I wonder?

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Sexy Female Wrestling

Tara “The Shortstop” Lynn Fox vs Isis “The Goddess” Love – The Goddess has proved to be a serious force to reckon with pause after her injury. she maintained his position against Ariel X in the last tag team match up, and dominated Wenona. During these meetings is given to the rookie a taste of success, then boot from it, as an adult taking candy from a baby. Isis ‘The’ Goddess of Love is back! Sexy Tara Lynn Fox, is one of the sexiest and most beautiful sexy female wrestling 19yr old we are on the list. She has a great spirit, attitude and a background of sports. She is learning and I hope it becomes a force to fear. But not today. Isis toys with his prey before destroying the carpet. They celebrate outstanding after. The fingers in my pussy every day. The glow of the Isis destroys rookie huge dildo in pussy Rd4. You really do not want to lose Isis, fuck it to death if he does.

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Lesbian Catfight

Jayden Cole “The Black Widow” vs Dia Zerva “Iron Maiden” – Welcome Jayden Cole height 6’0 Ultimate Surrender. I honestly thought that she with her size and strength he could walk on the carpet and win. Day care offers the call and delivery drive. Zerva Day, our favorite ex-Marine, is back and ready for school the new girl. Dia is one of the elite lesbian catfight wrestlers from Ultimate Surrender, she knows how to make their opponent helpless and she knows how to report their fingers in the pussy of her opponent. Our ex-Marine has completely dominated Jayden poor. With a small slope and a finger deep hitting a young girl wailed Jayden soon as high on the carpet.

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Female Catfights

Ami Emerson, Bella Rossi The Goddesses vs Adrianna Nicole and Hollie Stevens Team Ice – All season, all mounted in a match up! Winner moves on, loser goes home with nothing. Enjoy the real female catfights action. It comes down to this match for both teams. If the goddesses win, they will go to the playoffs and face the dragons. If the team wins ice, there will be a 3-way tie for 3rd place and win the tiebreaker highest points of the season, and they will make the playoffs.

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Female Domination Wrestling

Ally Ann “Power Puff” vs Tia Ling “Jade” – Tia Ling is back and fit as ever. This tiny 5’1 Asia is all muscle and determination. Tia loves domination fight and with every advantage of their skills increase. TIA is pound for pound the strongest wrestler on the list. Ally Ann is a fighter, with how much adrenaline. This package outside wall of energy will be dangerous once you learn to control it. She is flexible and willing to take risks. If you stick with it, one day this package of pure power will be a force for reconstruction. A great female domination wrestling victory for veterans. Jade gives this 19yr old whore of his life. After tying their hands behind their backs, Jade abuse the loser shit.

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Female Muscle Wrestling

Holly Heart and Ami Emerson “The Goddesses” VS Ariel X and Wenona “The Dragons” – Welcome, this is round 1 of 4 of the coincidence between the goddesses and the Dragons. This is the semi-finals. Everything is on the line. The winner of this match will live Championship Match Up being shot and live shows. The winner of this muscle match will take on undefeated Ninja! A great show, and it occurred in the first round of this incredible game. Both teams are trying to find the weak side, trying to maximize their labels. The live audience adds to the energy and the four girls are sweating and give everything. Which female muscle wrestling team will take the lead in the second round, the team is the hardest finger fuck on the carpet? Which team wants more?

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